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Svarniti Law Offices is a leading dispute resolution firm and has its offices at Delhi, Mumbai & Bengaluru. Svarniti’s partners have more than a decade of experience in commercial dispute resolution, international arbitration and public policy.

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Client Satisfaction is our Core Focus

Investing in our clients is not our only promise. Our mindset is a special mix of integrity, intelligence, energy, and strategy and reflects the backbone of our firm. It is this conspicuous character that defines us. It is what enables us to be the best for our clients, – their guiding star, and their trusted legal advisor.

Client Appreciation Capturing Testimonials of Value

Our approach is simple: we prioritize getting to know our clients in order to better serve their needs.

Our attorneys are skilled at navigating the constantly changing legal landscape to find solutions to complex issues. As a unified team, we are able to efficiently utilize our resources and deliver results-driven legal services within established timeframes.

Although our firm is based in New Delhi, we offer advisory services and legal representation to clients across India. We have the ability to appear in all forums throughout the country, either directly or through our associated counsels.

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