White Collar Crimes

Globally, as new laws and regulations direct, control and regulate how business is to be done in ever-changing times, regulators tighten the noose, society demands stricter compliance with ethical business practices and technology takes centre stage, white collar crimes have been on the rise. Consequently, investigations into white collar crimes have emerged as an important area of legal practice.

The scope of our white collar crime practice extends to:

  • Assisting Indian companies to customize their anti-corruption and bribery policy to suit Indian and International law.
  • Conducting training and awareness programs.
  • Detection, incident management and risk mitigation.
  • Liaising with internal and external agencies to provide end to end management of breach of security and fraud incidents.
  • Liaising with internal and external agencies to strategically mitigate damage to reputation and unwarranted publicity.
  • Litigation support in criminal and civil proceedings.
  • Representing in internal investigations and criminal and enforcement matters initiated by the government.