Employment & Labour

At Svarniti Law Offices, our employment and labour law practice offer legal advice and assistance on taxation & regulatory issues related to workforce management. Our professional employment and labour lawyers have expertise in advising clients on a spectrum of rules & regulations that need to comply for smooth and lawful functions and operations within the organization. We adopt a practice business and client-centric approach in advising employers on human resources, talent retention strategy, and various employment and labour issues.

We at Svarniti Law Offices offer legal advice on labour employment and corporate relations that encompasses Minimum Wages Act 1948, Workmen’s Compensation Act 1923, Payment of Wages Act 1936, Factories Act 1948, Corporate Dispute Act 1947, Trade Union Act 1926, Payment of Bonus Act 1965, Equal Remuneration  Act 1976, Payment of Gratuity Act 1972, etc.

Apart from having a team of extremely talented advocates and labour law consultants, Svarniti Law Offices has also collaborated with various labour law consultants in India across numerous states and districts. This has added a unique ability to our practice which enables us to advise clients in various situations even if they are facilitating their services in remote areas.

We have a strong reputation across the country for representing employees, employers, executives & partners in different areas of employment and labour laws. From advising senior executives with contract & agreement negotiations to protect the civil rights or employee in a corporate to deal with exploitation, harassment, and discrimination. Our expert team solely focuses on matters related to employment and labour laws.

Svarniti Law Offices represent corporate clients on matters such as strike, lockout, establishment closure, disciplinary matters, misconduct related to duty, discipline, theft, and riotous behavior. We represent clients at the Labour Court, Labour Commissioner, District court, High courts, Industrial Tribunals, Central Administrative Tribunal, and the Supreme Court of India. Our law firm operates on principles of integrity, excellence, and legal advice which helps clients operate their business lawfully in compliance with employment and labour laws.